Where did love go?

The sad look on her face were obvious,
She looked pale and flaxen as though she had seen a ghost.
This tingling feeling of LOVE had her on strings again,
How did I get here? She pondered.
She held up his picture from her mobile phone,
Paying attention to his visage.
It has happened to be her best part of his body.
She tried being calm but the tears ran down her cheeks swiftly.
He was her first love,
The one shoulder she always ran to in desperate times,
Their tryst was second to none.
Was it the philippic they had earlier?
Of course, I was insecure about you.
Who wouldn’t desire a fidus Achates like him?
she mumbled as she continually stared at his photo.
Days passed and he didn’t seem to care,
Her pillow, her only comfort to bear.
Now she recalled her reasons for not wanting to love,
The pains, trauma, and change it all brought back
Now she’s cursing,
Blaming her eyes, for staring more than they should have,
and her ears, for listening to his lies,
and her heart, for believing in what was never real.

Written by: Micheal(the perfectionist)

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