Life and its stages

This is known as a stage or process in the gradual development of life.

Every psychologist or Man has different explanations or perspectives on the different stages of life. Each stage has different goals, ideas, lessons, discoveries, and results that help in taking delicate and crucial decisions in one’s life.

Phases of life are essential in decision making to develop, expatiate, direct, and balance affairs of the human world. It also seeks to develop the such as Adversity Quotient(AQ), Emotional Quotient(EQ), Intelligence Quotient(IQ), and Social Quotient(SQ) that vital roles in enhancing human life and community growth.

There are different phases of life namely:
* Birth
* Adolescents
* Youth
* Adulthood
* Old age

Birth: this is when a newborn is birthed into the world, after developing for nine months in the mother’s womb. The baby can be 0-8months old and is solely dependent on the mother for its survival. It suckles the mother’s breast which nitrifies and helps develop the brain organs and physical body of a toddler.

Toddler(Exploration):  The toddler’s brain becomes more active and they become more mobile and more independent, exploring everything they can access, learning to talk, identify and imitate the people around them, and follow simple instructions. Toddlers soak up everything, so memorization is quite natural at this phase. They are exposed to different insights, knowledge, and ideas from different sources developing their IQ and SQ.

Childhood: This is a time of discovery. We have much to learn, so everyday life involves approval, guidance, and regular instruction and information. But while a child has much to learn, their spirit and eagerness to discover and play makes them a cherished part of a community. They serve as a reminder of the attitude adults need to adopt to seize the opportunity of the moment and enjoy life the best.

Adolescents(Integration): They can also be referred to as “teenagers”. It’s a transitional phase of growth between childhood and adulthood, which takes place from the age of 10-19. During adolescence, issues of emotional (if not physical) separation from parents arise. While this sense of separation is a necessary step in the establishment of personal values, the transition to self-sufficiency forces an array of adjustments upon many adolescents. Furthermore, teenagers seldom have clear roles of their own in society but instead, occupy an ambiguous period between childhood and adulthood. Some behavioral traits in adolescents are mood swings, changing boundaries, challenging rules, mild experimentation, and spending less time with family.

Youths(Creativity): Translation from teenagers to young adulthood. Here, the youth and maiden — the archetypes of young males and females — begin to discover and explore their creative potential. They are slowly assigned tasks and begin to take on new duties that prepare them for the responsibilities of adulthood.  The Creative Stage usually requires lots of time, attention, focus, and energy. It’s almost impossible to be in the Creation Stage of all areas of our lives. Creation takes so much energy, that different areas of our lives need to take turns.

Adulthood: The youth transforms from a curious and “creative young adult” to a dedicated and “responsible adult” who is now able — and expected — to take care of themselves and to see to the well-being of others. This phase marks a shift in desire and needs which go from being self-centered to life-centered.  This is when men and women seek true fulfillment and discover that they best serve themselves by serving the needs of others and becoming something bigger than themselves.

Old Age(Crone and Sage): The Age leads without physically leading, and know experience, and foresight of personal trial and error.
Here, a man or woman goes from being an individual to realizing that they are a part of a whole. Their wisdom is not a natural product of age or experience but comes from their ability to step out of their mind, the situation from various angles, and utilize the foresight of several perspectives and possibilities. The crone and sage are no longer living life. They are life, and see its patterns and flow with its tides. They are aging and a day will come when they die, but they aren’t a burden to society.

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