Letter of the Unborn

The birds chirping early in the morning, 

The cold breeze that sweeps the flowers, 

The faint sound of the passing vehicle, 

He couldn’t wait to be born into the world. 

The kids running around naked, 

Their mother making food on a smokey wood, 

An elderly man sitting with what looks like a snuff-box, 

His joy remained. 

I’m two months old, 

In seven more months, i will be there with them. 

But wait! What should i do first? 

Yes! I will cry, that way they all will know i have arrived. 

What would they call me? 

Chuka? Awesome? Nwankenta? Chidinma maybe. 

My favorite color? 

Ausburn or maybe sky blue; 

Grandpa Ike looks good on it. 

What is happening? 

I feel like I’m being pushed out. 

But it’s not yet time, 

I will die if forced out now!!!


Can you stop, please?

The hot injections,

It hurts badly. 

Is that a sucker? 

Take it off me; 

It’s killing me. 

I don’t want to die yet! 

My left foot is gone, 

Can you still let me live this way, please? 

I can manage, 

As long as you don’t kill me.

Are you taking my life because you don’t want me? 

Why then would you let me see all this goodness at first? 

Do not wake me if you are not ready to handle me, 

Do not wake love until it pleases.

Yours with love


Written By: Micheal (Perfectionist©)

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