You see a lady fragile and pitiable,
But I see a lady with great strength,
She needs no one to compliment her; nature did it all.
Everyone tries to boss her around, because of her nature.

But her sweet sharpness, intelligence, and charisma,
Make them stand in attention to her leadership prowess.
Walking in majesty with her great beauty,
Only the extraordinary eyes can see.

She’s confident,
She’s an embodiment of innocent beauty,
And intelligence combined in one.
When you see a weakling that needs care,
She sees hope to overcome fears.
Courage and Determination are her watchwords,
Exploits and Adventures to the world’s beauty.

She believes in the extraordinary heights of success.
She doesn’t see what the world sees,
She sees what her Creator sees.
Relentless and unyielding to hold back,
She never shows her fears; even in the face of fear.
She appreciates real friends,
When next you want to bully a lady,
Remember, she’s one in a million,
And never gets affected by what you say.

Written by: Grace Chigbu

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