Achieve my Goals? Yes, the long-awaited year “2022” is a month old. The new year everyone looked forward to joyfully is 34days gone out of 365 days.

Do you know it’s never late in achieving a prosperous New year? Remember, that new year resolution you wrote in your diary na, that’s what I mean. Oh yes! there’s room for improvement if only you are keen on achieving your set goals.

How to achieve your goals

Every successful man passed through a process, and they have one thing in common, “consistency”. And here are tips that can help achieve your new year’s resolution. Simple, right? But it involves stepping out of your comfort zone.

Prayers and Words of Affirmations: There’s a deep connection and confidence when you talk to your loving father, even at your worst. You feel refreshed, confident, inspired, and positive.

As an employee, it makes you do things effectively. Your boss will seek your opinion on crucial matters about the company or organization’s growth. Nothing gives joy when you’re recognized as competent in handling work issues. Even the students ain’t left out, you assimilate every teaching and confidence of making straight A’s.

Words of affirmation also put a seal on your prayers, and give you a daily boost of energy and conviction, reducing low-self esteem and self dejection.
Stand in front of a mirror and say to yourself, “I am beautiful; I am blessed; I am good on earth; Nothing can stop me from becoming successful” etc. It will make you view yourself from a good and positive perspective.

Create a Plan: Breaking your goals into daily or weekly activities of productivity helps us set daily targets of what we intend to achieve. The power of plans cannot be overemphasized, making one stay focused and aligned to his goals with purpose and clarity.

Be Prudent: This involves wisdom in spending. It’s imperative as it helps one become financially stable in hard times. If you’re an impulsive buyer, don’t take much cash while going out. But with cashless policies everywhere, it’s best to cultivate spending on needs, and not wants. And it can be achieved when you budget things systematically and keep control of unnecessary expenses.

Evaluate your actions daily: My Economics teacher once shared this secret with us, his students. He said, “evaluating his actions in everything he does, makes him become a better person every day.”

It helps emphasize daily actions or behaviors. Our daily actions tend to affect lives around us positive or negative.

Remember, nothing works without the pushy force of actions, consistency, and determination. Give it try and see how effective it works.

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