Thriving in Trying times

Supper was super; rice, stew, vegetables and a piece of meat to crown it all. We don’t get to enjoy such a combo all the time.

Almost all of us had consumed a significant portion of our food and were doing justice to the pieces of meat when one of us raised a complaint that his piece of meat had nothing but fat in it.

Dad graciously shared his piece of meat with the young lad, as is his custom whenever such kind of complaint arises. Then Dad began to share with us what transpired at the meat market.

On arrival at the first stall, he met a lady who also wanted to buy meat. So he queued behind her and observed. She pointed to a large chunk of meat, asking how much it costs; the meat seller, envisaging a big deal, told her the meat costs N15,000.

She was stunned, then she slowly stretched forth her hands and began to size up the meat as she tried to recover from the shock caused by the price stated.

The meat seller whistled as he sharpened his knives.
She priced the meat at N3,000. The meat seller did not waste time telling her off in an outburst of anger and utter disappointment. He rained insults on her as she quickly left the scene to avoid further embarrassment.

Dad stepped forward to buy meat. He selected a small chunk and asked for its price; it was also quite high. He tried to negotiate but was also rudely dismissed by the meat seller. He left for another meat stall and eventually got a good bargain.
By the time he had finished narrating his experience, we were done eating.

It’s mind-boggling what parents go through, out there in the public in a bid to provide for their families. More so, in a time where the Nigerian economic situation continues to deteriorate. We cannot but appreciate them and contribute our quota to ensure we all keep our heads above the waters that constantly tries to drown us, we find a way to stay afloat.

Understandably, many businesses are still struggling to find footing after the COVID-19 lockdown, however, the place of quality customer service should not be neglected. It is said that customers are always right. They have the right to bargain for whatever product or service is on offer.

How a trader addresses a customer will determine whether he or she will retain or lose such a customer in the long run.

Entrepreneurship is beyond just buying and selling. Entrepreneurs are essentially relationship builders. Show me a business that has survived hard times and I will show you a business owner with a robust network of value-driven people and, of course, supernatural backing from God.

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