Desperate For Your Touch

Drowning amidst broken dreams, zeal and strength
With hope as faint as the desert, wishing for a rain
Your words comfort me,
I want you, nothing else would do
My ruffled feathers and broken wings only you can fix
Till my flight is inevitable

How do I tell you?
Your every touch is what makes me, me
I AM, you are enough and I am because you are
Justified In your eyes amidst guilt and shame
You gave precious gifts lasting forever
Nothing else would do.

My life as an expression of you
Keep me here with you until we’re one
Your fullness dwelling richly in me
I just want you, nothing else would do.
So, come fill me up I AM
Touch every part of me, like the first time I felt your love.

No comparison with this generous life-giving gift
Setting everything right for me, for you

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