Attention Is As Golden As Silence

Silence, they say is golden. It is a rare phenomenon in a world increasingly pervaded by chaos. Meditation thrives in the presence of silence; ideas sprout so easily.

Silence is a beckoning from man to the supernatural realm. When a fool keeps silent, people assume his silence for wisdom. Talkativeness has sent some people to their graves too early. Many have lost their jobs, relationships have suffered or collapsed because of the inability to maintain some measure of silence. When silence thrives, attention thrives also.

Attention is a currency.

Where silence thrives, there is an exchange of attention for pain, pleasure or a mix of both.
Attention is the ability to actively process specific information in the environment while turning out other details.

Everyone wants to be heard. Everybody wants attention. Bloggers write to get readers attention. Music artists sing and dance to get the attention of music lovers. Journalists break news for attention. A baby raises a cry just to get the mother’s attention, even when he or she is in the arms of a father. While some people are conservative about their desire for attention, others are very vocal about it.

To retain people’s attention, you must sustain a depth of creative prowess that can stand the test of time. You must also be smart enough to know when the level of attention you are getting has reached a plateau or is declining; at this point, you may need to take some time off the spotlight to unwind and brainstorm on new ideas.

It is okay to let your followers miss you for a while. You don’t have to be in their faces all the time. After all, it is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

In today’s world, where social media takes centre stage in daily living, people do crazy things and post them online just for views, retweets and likes. Clout chasing is the new normal; Nudity is the order of the day.

If an audience of one or more decided to pay attention to your content then it has got to be worth the while.

This brings us to why you seek attention.
Are you on a mission to build or destroy lives through the attention that you seek?
In all you do for attention, ensure your motive is right. Otherwise, maintain silence.


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