Beautiful Pain

Lost in the thoughts of my dilemma
feeling like a Cinderella,
Rescued from the shaft of pains.
To the realm of eternal gains
By my prince in shining armour
For he’s my safe harbour.
This isn’t a fairytale
But a tale of compassion,
that Special Prince of Passion.

He gave me everlasting peace
With a bond that held my life’s pieces,
Bringing me to a glorious Beauty.
Shredded by the World’s cruelty
The journey never rosy,
Forsaking my old life of guilty pleasures
Fighting to embrace the vision,
That entails the mission of beautiful pains.

Walking through the pains of glory
Has now become my story.
Painting a clear picture of Jesus’s agony
His love for man’s Salvation,
He paid the price of our Redemption

With his Powerful Royal Blood,
So we could partake in His bond,
To become a full-fledged Family,
It’s only a matter of choice and not force.

Hearken, and be a partaker
For in its secrets lie Heavenly treasures,
This can’t be achieved with our capabilities
Only by His power and trusted Ability,
Now I understand the peace,
That radiates so much light,
Purging out my iniquities and burden,
Easing me from that pain, yet so beautiful.

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