A Father’s Love

A father’s love can’t be compared.
His presence gives the children
Hope and security away from danger.

He conceals his emotions and fear
But his heart is filled with so much
Joy, Sadness, Regrets, and Betrayal.
Ignoring his problems and personal goals,
Taking care of his family, and giving them comfort.

Even when he has nothing to offer,
He struggles to keep his family happy.
He swallows the bitter pills of
Hatred, scorn, and insults of everyone.
To be there for his family and loved ones.

Fathers may appear strong,
But they need someone to comfort them.
A shoulder to cry on and a mouth,
To appreciate their efforts, Instead of reminding them of their failures.

A father keeps all enemies at length,
He sometimes defies his brothers,
To make sure his family is saved from harm.
You can never appreciate the love and presence,
Of a father, until you feel his absence.

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