Teach me

This is the time to teach my heart to love.
Time to love me more.
Maybe I would have inner peace.
What more is better than peace.

How do you want me to live in this cruel world?
I might not understand what love means.
But I know it when I feel it.

My peace of mind is here.
One my heart craves for.
Look what he promised.

With my hands
“I would lift your sorrows and shame. ”
“For when it looks like you’re running out of oil, I would fill it up ”
“You would never be empty
For I will be your wine ”
“With the light in me, I would wash darkness away from you. ”

Words from my lover.
But how will I love when my heart is tearing apart.
Build me with the love.
So I would tell others how love is real.

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