Stop Searching In The Wrong Place

We spend days searching for answers
Yet, finding none.
We believe it’s within our will
Only to find out it’s only a hill
We begin to ask ourselves,
Can we achieve this?
To discover it’s not a task of oneself.

Why do we search
For things outside our reach?
Only realizing it’s not by our ability
But his divine sustainability,
Which can be gotten from his Salvation,
Only attainable from his graceful intervention.

We wait patiently for a miracle,
When we can become an oracle,
Uttering words of powerful revelation,
Food to souls for spiritual rejuvenation

Search no more,
He’s a solution to our problems,
If only we’re tired of weighing the pros and cons,
Giving a total submission to his will,
Pushing out all cliffs,
To lean wholly in his Bliss.

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