Untold Battles

Down into the deep
Encompassed by the darkness,
Stuck in the hole, that blank space
Days when pain persist and I can’t get a grip of my pace…

My peace of mind
My days of joy
All washed away like a flood.
Pain can indeed get hold of me.
I don’t find life worth living.
Regardless I will push through,
For my happy days are here

My hope was beyond dazed.
The light grew faint.
I could barely spot a thing
My vision was all blurred
The tears had taken over my beautiful sight

I wish I could find happiness.
I wish my little dream didn’t become a fantasy.
I wish I still had hope, to live again
I wish the journey wasn’t this far.

Those were painful days
Alas! Time will wash them away
The pains first
The scars later
Time heals

Now I can find my happiness.
Now my dreams are coming through.
Now I can live life without restrictions.
For life has indeed taught me.
He has shown me the light and dark.
I deserve happiness still

Do we know all that we deserve?
I can’t feel entitled
Life with its whip humbles me
They send those days like the rain in its time
Pain that makes me forget the sun

Memories should be forgotten.
So I can forget about it.
I want to still wake up with no worries.
As a child, God takes care of.
I’m convinced I won’t fall

Oh yes God! A father and yet a trainer.
He allows us to be weak
Yet He measures our faith in times of adversity
Those painful days, get me back on my toes.

Now I’m assured of my strength.
I can tell how pain and happiness feels,
Clarity and my sight collide.
As I feel myself again
It’s awesome to be me again.

Now I feel heaven is at peace,
My angels all around me with immeasurable smiles.
I could never be happier.
What joy it is.

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