A falling Anthem

The sounds of shooting guns
Deafening my ears on high impulse,
Causing confusion and fear in my heart,
I ask myself, when will these be over?
The poor masses suffering the effects
Of the elephants in our nation,
Creating fears and insecurity in our minds.

Insecurity, now the master of events
We all sleep one eye closed, the other open
For the fear of becoming a victim of selfish interests.
We’ve become preys to a roaring lion,
Even the armed ones meant to protect us,
Kills unjustly without remorse,
When will these be over? I ask.

Kidnappers and incessant killers
Freely moving wherever they want.
Causing pain, and misery in happiness,
Tears of others become their pleasure,
Celebrating their successful killings of innocent lives,
Again I ask, when will these be over?

Will there be peace without the drums of war?
Can there be freedom with blood-shed?
Will there be cooperation between the rich and poor?
When will the religious war be over?
When will they hearken to the masses groan?
When will all these be over?
A question that keeps burning in my heart,



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