Untold Strength In you

When next I see a lion I wouldn’t run,
Next time, I would give a hug.
Indeed he is strong.
Sometimes I wonder how a creature tends to survive.
And I being human sometimes get weary.
So sad.

The lion, my role model.
Roaring even in weakness,
When there’s nothing to keep him going.
Such power is supernatural.

I ask for strength and confidence like the lion
To keep going.
Yet, I fall.
My strength fails me.
The lion didn’t tell me his secret.

He didn’t tell me that sometimes he’s not always strong.
He didn’t tell me, that each roar is a sign that the supreme has heard him.
He didn’t tell me he depends on the supreme.
Now I understand why I still failed.
So painful.

The same supreme being who is at my disposal.
The one he loves
Cares for,
How could I be this blind
Oh! I have learnt a lesson
To draw strength too from the supreme.

Do I still love the lion?
Yes! I told myself.
If a creature should receive from the supreme.
I’m at a good advantage.

Now I can tell you about love,
Now I can preach salvation.
Because even when I’m swept by the flood, I still find myself kept in a pleasant place.
Love undiluted!

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