Steps To Scale Your Income

I was privileged to be at the counting point on a Sunday morning just after service to exchange large denominations of money for small ones.

As I carefully flipped through the pile of money handed over to me, I spotted a badly damaged twenty naira note and brought it out. I became grieved inside of me as I examined the money; my mind flashed back to my pastor’s appeals on several occasions regarding believers’ attitude to financial matters.

How can people be so inconsiderate and indifferent towards kingdom financing? How come we are quick to reject damaged money from bus conductors and traders but do not hesitate to drop such kind of money in the offering box in church?
Something must have gone wrong with our value system.

Year after year, many Christians keep lamenting about the state of their finances because they are either ignorant of, or lightly esteem the principles that make for financial freedom.

The issue is not about having a good job; many are in a serious financial break down despite having a decent job.

The issue is not about having a robust network of wealthy friends; not many of them would be able to stick with us through tough times.

The mindset problem, We become what we think with time.

Some people go to the extent of blaming their financial woes on the church of God, claiming that they are being extorted through the collection of tithes, offerings, and contributions for church projects whereas they tend to spend even more on weddings, burial ceremonies, club meetings and so on.

Notice how we treat people who are special to us, giving them good meals, comfortable accommodation, a space on the VIP stand, etc. If we can do this to mortals, how much more the one who created us and supplied all we needed to survive?
If our status must change for good, then our value system must drastically improve as well.

Another kind of mentality that continues to hold many people captive is the entitlement mentality. Having to depend on a member of the family for every single need, can be quite disturbing. Every member of the family needs to rise to a position of responsibility and contribute value to ease the burden on whoever happens to be the breadwinner.

Becoming financially free does not happen by daydreaming; we make positive confessions, memorize bible verses, and write motivational quotes all over the wall but as good as these things sound, they do not sustain the ability to usher us into wealth in themselves.

To start with, there must be a desire to become financially free. This desire must be strong enough to drive us towards learning a marketable skill searching and applying for a job or starting a business.

Learn, Re-learn and Unlearn
More importantly, achieving financial freedom requires that we learn and unlearn certain habits.
Developing a saving habit is essential to becoming financially free.

A person who “eats with both hands” should not expect to come anywhere near wealth. If farmers eat their seeds along with the harvest, then there would be nothing to plant, and you can be sure the populace will suffer hunger in no distant time.
Spending beyond our level of income is a habit that should be unlearned fast as this can drag us into debt in the long run, thereby limiting our financial progress.

It is okay if you do not have a job yet as a graduate or have access to higher education due to financial constraint; you can still attain financial freedom irrespective of your current situation.
Look around you and find out what God has deposited in you. It could be your voice, your artistic prowess, your writing skill, your ability to dance or make people laugh.

Get yourself acquitted with people who share the same interests with you, read books and blog posts, take online courses, and watch video tutorials; these activities will help refine your talent.

Opportunities in Volunteering
Next, look out for opportunities to volunteer your skills. This helps to increase your visibility to prospective clients.

Positioning yourself in the digital space is also important. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter Instagram and YouTube afford people the opportunity to showcase their talents. You just need to find your niche and consistently deliver quality content to build a strong online presence. With time, you can start getting jobs and endorsements which will fetch you good money.

The times are hard. We must do everything legitimately possible to break the barriers to financial freedom for ourselves and posterity’s sake.

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