Many Days

I’m always the victim, why?
Hiding behind every shade thrown,
Even though my life feels like a dice.
I try to get my share of double six’s.
No matter how frustrating.
I would rather place dice than give up.

Life is never fair.
You might sometimes feel the sun scarring you irreparably.
We get that sometimes.
I try to live life in peace,
Even at that, hate finds a way to return.
Why will you throw stones?
When you live in a glasshouse.

Sometimes it feels like you don’t do the best.
Because even at your best,
Stones are still thrown to you.
Take away this pain.
Is my crown not ready?
my time to smile?
Why do I feel like a standstill
With everything happening all around me.

All my life I felt success was based on hard work.
Painfully It’s more than they ever tell you.
You have to do something extra.
Switch up, change narratives, keep moving
Don’t let their claws bury the magic in you
You got to be a lion
Relentless in your pursuit of victory

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