Without home and comfort
Left to struggle
Only I would live to tell the story.
home for all they say
Was I included
Find me and take me home.

I didn’t fit in and home didn’t call in
The love, I thought would be within.
The home I’d have to live in.
Nothing called out for me,
Unless I’m called in,
I’ll keep Standing out in the cold

How do you see
Don’t you feel my pain?
I have no care,
No food.
Only drenched by the rain
And scorched by the sun.
Will you help me?
Find me a home.

Call me homeless and you’d be right
A banquet in the cold doesn’t taste good.
A blanket in the rain would still be drenched.
The shine out here would cause me burns.
Still, Unless I’m called…
I’ll keep standing, out here in the cold.

You have no idea;
I eat from the bin.
Because no one regards me as human.
What do you expect?
I’m alone

Wish I could be you,
Strong and flexible, but no…
I’m weak and rigid
I die every day, in my mind
I can’t live out this death,
Much is expected of me.
Alone but still, I reject company.

I guess you mean the rain and sun.
Together with dogs who get to lick my body.
Life is so unfair.

Because it’s tough out here.
It’s tough without good company
It’s even worse without a home.
That space has love and warmth
When you lack one, you tend to fight all day.
Everything seems like a demon, out to feast

Why have I heard people want to leave home? They said they are depressed, I mean where could they have thought they would go.
Life is unfair.
I blame myself

They don’t know where home is.
The lights and beds and fluffy blankets don’t make a home
For me, love makes a home
Maybe they’d find it, someday
We all will!

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