Wake Up, Creator’s Creatives

Whether we admit it or not, we are faced with the terrific challenge of raising a generation that exudes excellence, maintains a high level of sanity and most importantly acknowledges God as the creator of all that ever existed, living and non-living.

Recently, visuals of a popular Nigerian music artiste went viral online in which he was well clad but had some ladies behind him with no clothes covering their cleavage.

The same artiste was reportedly seen performing on stage under the influence of hard drugs before this time.

Over the last decade, I have watched this dangerous trend thrive in the entertainment industry both locally and internationally.

Our society seems clueless as to how to stem this tide. The best government can do is to place a ban on explicit music and video content but this in itself has limitations as the world continues to experience rapid technological advancement.

Going by the kind of lyrics and scenes many of our scriptwriters and songwriters come up with, it is obvious they no longer operate within the realm of the physical; they now interact with the negative realm for inspiration and this negativity swallow them up and they forget the true essence of their existence.

You were put here for a purpose. These are content creators whose conscience and have taken another turn and are ready to go the extra mile in creating anything so far it appeals to the sensuality of the young generation. A sensuality we’re supposed to preserve.

Many youths and teens now mirror virtually everything they see on television and social media; they see it as a norm to live unpurposeful lives.

The unsatisfying feeling to be accepted and called fashionable or trendy without finding their path and discovering who they are along the way.

We succumb to illicit behaviours forgetting that we were created for so much more.

This piece is a wake-up call to Christian creatives to hone their skills enough to be able to put up top tier performance consistently.

We have no excuse not to shine seeing we have the holy spirit who is the advantage.

Beyond a hot chase for money and fame, there must be a burning desire to preserve the sanity of our young ones, to uphold correct values, and ultimately to keep us focused on God the creator of all that ever existed, living and non-living.

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  1. Our light as christians must shine bright… We must take the mountain of entertainment, produce great contents!
    The status quo has to change.
    We have to beginning to rule, lead and take charge.

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