The Extra in Extraordinary

I want to be more,
More than a friend,
More than a sister,
More than a housewife,
More than a mother,
But society tells me,
“No, you can’t go beyond the above.”

My dreams and aspirations,
My passion, my call, and visions,
Keeps drawing closer; calling out to me.
“Never give in to the society belief,
Because you are Gold in a mortal body,
Yet to be discovered” they said.

I rise like the flame
Shine like the sun
Blossom like the flowers,
Ready to fulfil purpose.
No more shall I hid,
Till my voice is heard across Nations.

God my Guide, and Leader,
Perseverance, my plane
Determination my pilot.
Let us soar higher because
The destination is Success

Never give up,
You are unlimited
becoming more,
To make the world a better place.


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