The Life Organ

One beautiful organ with four chambers
Chambers housing different things
Where all my emotions are tied to.
Do we believe we could survive without it,
How could you explain the fact it’s vital.

What advice would you have given me,
If I told you I felt nothing any more,
If I told you I was without heart
Without feeling
Without hope,
Would you still convince me?

It’s strange how people betray loved ones
Not because I couldn’t bear the shock,
But because we almost lost our sanity.
Be careful lest you kill.

It would never look like you did anything.
But a soul was lost, not even won.
How do you explain this?
Are you strong enough?
Would your heart carry it?

What if I told you,
Silence is the best dose,
Not every question must be answered,
Life has its way of paying people with their coin.

We don’t trade it, neither do we sell.
We persevere!
The heart the most precious organ I know.

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