River emerge from mountain to surge,
Splurge rapidly into sea coverage,
Lady’s heart like a precious diamond,
Till unearthed, restless safe underground,
Promise not to alter agreements.

Nictitate of an eye,
Knew I’ll be the choosing,
In path are her footprints,
In my world,
Is her paradise.

Yesterday I saw her,
Today, she reciprocates,
Why does our heart anticipate?
Who born this beautiful damsel?
She has theft a heart.

Who planted by the roadside an elegant flower?
The scent in the breeze wafts,
Who stole my words?
Heart with his language debut,
Keeping it till eternity.

For this second to last,
My heart chamber aches fulfil,
Vacillating chilliness and torridity,
What Kill me is proximity,
What captures me is love.

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