Silent Violence In us

Women live with this pain,
They fight tears, fear of being tagged loosed,

A woman who couldn’t keep her home.
They would accuse her of not being virtuous.
Help people!

They would lose children in this act
The act of wickedness
They treat them with no compassion,
Like they are rags.
Help people!

Tagged the weaker vessels,
Many, treated like slaves,
Why didn’t they follow the way of their mother?
To see how women are treated,
I know you would say it’s old fashion,

There was absolute peace in the land,
Where did violence come from?
Take me back to the days,
where women, were treated with love and respect.
Take me back.
My heart bleeds.

To the women in this brutal act,
We have come again to rescue you,
To bring back your dignity
Your pride,
Your happiness
Peace of mind.
Help has come.


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