Some Lonely Days

No matter how small the organ of groom,
He won’t borrow another man,
For the midnight course,
The flight Eve,
Wish to tour the universe on a words bill.

Weaving weird and winsome sounds,
Borderless song of a nuclear family,
I hook my voice,
To the server of time,
Strike like bilateral chard.

In time with other realms,
Where night is brighter than noon,
Where autumns are cool,
Winter warmer than the,
Interior chamber of a pregnant womb.

Spirit return to childhood book,
Where pastor Joy had baptism,
Where a petulant keats,
Watching nature at play,
Where cobras belched.

Tilapia’s cringed,
Kingfisher perched on Willow’s branch,
Waiting for looting turn,
The confluence of moon and noon,
Night of flight and unrest.

Fears rinse into memorials pot,
The promise of nuptials bliss,
Hear memorable rhythm,
The rhythm of young mating frog,
Eyes closed, the mind falls asleep.

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