Wholeness in you

I’ve learnt the greatest gift you can ever give a man, is love.
You might have been disappointed and broken while trying to love, You might have decided never to love again.

You might have decided to give up on love and quit I won’t tell you not to, because to feel an unending pain, is to know that a part of you is marred with an unending scar.

That’s understandable, I know what that feels like. After five years of being together, Chike could still cheat and claim it was my doings that led him to betray us.

I never recovered, but one day I decide that my happiness, sanity and peace of mind was worth fighting for.

I needed to find wholeness in Loving myself again as challenging as it may. This is the journey we must embark on. The journey of self-discovery, who am I? What do I want? Why am I here?

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Finding answers to these questions does not just bring wholeness but also the realization that, “love does not hurt”. Love didn’t hurt you, you are hurt because the people you loved who didn’t love you back or couldn’t love you the same way you love them, it’s not enough to give up because True Love is you, it is the wholeness that resonates inside of you when you feel unapologetically you.

It is the fire in your eyes that tells you to stand up for what you believe. Forgive and move on, you’re your own miracle.

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