Light in the dark.

Deep into things, we felt knowledge can’t help.
Depressed, we didn’t t even know where our strength would come from.
Although we boast it comes from the supreme

Yet we worry,
We’re in pain, bittered and full of anger,
Sometimes we want to go beyond.
Yet something binding pulls us
Making us stable.

The day is beautiful,
Yet nothing tickles my fancy.
Drowned by my heavy heart
With no exit for my pain
Nothing to hold unto,
No happiness!

Here, having fun works not
It’s as fruitful as pouring water on stone
Yet, I’m asked to hope for things not seen,

I think,
At this point, I need to embrace hope,
I need to move forward.
I need to be strong.

Regardless of my pain
I find hope,
I live for it,
Now someone has promised to carry my weary heart.
What a testimony!
Joy indeed comes in the morning.

My days are full of hope.
Relived from everything.
I’m free.
Indeed there’s something to hope for.
Life is worth it.
I rejoice!

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