The Marriage Proposal

Have you ever dreamt of a romantic proposal from your fiancè? Well, mine was always to marry the one I love, sharing my happy and sad moments with no regrets.

I fantasize being proposed to at waterfalls, surrounded by nature’s beauty. A red rose, tulips, sunflowers, daisies, and lilies, with the moon illuminating its light as it gives a simple but glamorous setting.

Alongside Henry, my first love on a knee pops out the question in romantic spicing words,

“There are many ways to be happy in this life, but all I need is you. Will you complete my missing ribs, Mitchel?”  in enthusiasm, I’ll scream “Yes!!”, sealing it up with a heartfelt kiss of gratitude.

 “it only exists in fairy tales and romance movies, a figment of my imaginations and unrealistic dreams” so I thought.

My dad, Engr. Rowland, a renowned retired Aerospace Engineer, betrothed me to his friend’s son at the tender age of five, to an eternal friendship; come rain or sunshine. This came as a shock to me when I found out that I was betrothed to a total stranger, just to seal a longtime friendship. It’s only a marriage of ” friendship convenience.”

 After my twenty-four years birthday celebration, I remembered my father coming into my room, to give me a peck, which has always been his culture. Whenever I complained about not being a baby no longer, because of his public show of affection.

 “You’ll always be my baby girl, no matter how fast you grow,” he tells me.

“Mitchell, are you asleep already? We need to talk” He said in a tense voice.

“No dad, are you worried over anything?”, sitting up because I knew something is amiss, whenever my father calls me by my first name.

Holding my hands, “Sweetheart,  whatever decision I make is for your best interest. that’s one of the ways I express my love” he started slowly. “Never think of me as a selfish man, I want the best for you.”

“Dad, why are you saying this? It’s scary” I replied, deep within me I wasn’t comfortable with whatever my dad was about to say.

Staring deeply into my eyes, a tear dropped from his left eye. Turning his back to me, “You’ll be getting married in one month” he announced in a shaky voice.

“What?” I screamed inaudibly. My voice sounded from afar, the news hit me badly, trying to process the whole information. My eyes became dizzy, my dad’s voice reached out to me, and my whole body was numb; giving way to unconsciousness.

A few hours later, Mitchell opened her eyes trying to adjust to the room’s light. The walls were painted white. She heard the voices of her father and a man in a deep argument.

“Why did you tell her? You should’ve waited” the unidentified man rasped out loudly.

“Wait? For how long? I had to tell her, so she could accept her fate” Engr. Rowland raked his hands through his hair frustratingly. “Do you know the pains I felt telling her? Mitchell had pictured a perfect wedding party with a man she loves. She’ll hate me, my loving daughter hates me now, Desmond” he sobbed uncontrollably.

Desmond patted his friend’s back, feeling sorry for his friend “Mitchell adores you. Sooner or later, she’ll find out Henry isn’t meant for her and forgive you” he comforted him.

Confused Mitchell trying to understand what’s happening, “Henry, isn’t the man for me” she muttered to herself. But the elderly men heard her clearly and rushed to her side.

“Are you okay?” Her dad questioned, trying to avoid the curiosity in his daughter’s eyes.

“Yeah” she replied, trying to stay in a seating position, but a pang of headache hit her badly, “Ouch” moaning out in pain at the discomfort.

“How long have I been here?” Mitchell asked her father, feeling nauseous to the strong smell of the hospital’s antiseptic and medicines. She had always dreaded the hospital because her mother died when she was twelve years.

“You’ve been here for four hours” He answered, guilt tearing him apart for being the cause of her unconsciousness. Engr. Rowland never agreed to the betrothal, but a dying wish of his wife held him captive.

Gazing at her dad, Mitchell had no choice but to agree to this madness called marriage. Her father did his best to love and cherish her, against his wish. She knew whatever decision made was for her safety, besides, granting him a first wish won’t hurt.

“Dad, I’ll marry him,” she said nervously. Engr. Rowland, a rowdy man of 6ft, raven black hair, turned sharply at his daughter’s word.

“What did you say?” He asked to be certain of what she said.

“I’ll marry whoever I was betrothed” she repeated as tears filled her eyes, “If the marriage makes you happy, then I’ll do it to make you smile.”

Tears of joy, pains, guilt and relief gush out, as daughter and father hugged themselves; each left in their thoughts

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