A collection Of Poems

The Rain.
What a blessing you are to humanity,
Your existence, a flicker of hope to man,
The farmers rejoice happily at your arrival,
Giving their plants, a new survival,
Against the harsh sunny weather.

Little Children shout in joy,
Acknowledging your presence, full of happiness.
Young maidens with gratitude in their hearts,
Easing them from the long trek to the stream,
And the discomfort of pains endured by their neck.

The rocky ground happily rejoice,
Feeling the splattering sound, against their hard surface,
With a grateful heart, feeling the dampness of their soul.
The worms wriggle out from the ground,
to see daylight again,
And the birds are glad to get an early morning breakfast.

The Rain, a marvellous sight to behold,
Clear as crystal, the longest thing ever.
Hiding the tears of a grieving heart,
Consoling her with his wetness.
And holding one hostage in their houses,
Against one’s self.



Agonies of a battered Woman

Love is blind, I don’t believe,
We only choose to love blindly.
Refusal to acknowledge the blaring warnings,
That bounces back with a fury,
And deep scars,  full of hurts.

“He’ll change with time,” I thought,
turning blind eyes to the little but visible signs.
He hits me at any slightest provocation,
Consoling myself, I deserved it
For acting so stupid.

Gradually, I became a punching bag,
To my dearest husband.
I couldn’t tell anyone,
To avoid the scornful and pitiful gaze
from society.
Shutting myself into my demon
Of a husband.

I pray earnestly, for a change.
Tied to the oath of ” for better or worse”,
For my children’s sake.
Bearing the pains no longer,
In self-defence, he kicked the bucket.

I was thrown out with nothing,
To fend my children in the streets.
Everyone, un-bothered to hear my stories,
Mockery, criticisms and pity, a second name.
Lamenting in agonies of an unsuccessful marriage,
And the scars, a continued reminder

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