Peer Pressure

It could be said that 90% of teens problem are based on peer pressure. Here’s a story i want to share a story with you.

While I was un secondary school, I met my best and truest friends which I still appreciate till date. We were all in three different classes, Uchejuru Divine, Valentina Ugwunali, and Daniella Ikechukwu.

They were my backbone in school and my everything. I never did anything without their consent. I can boldly say I love and honour them.

One might ask why I am appreciating them? They watched my back, as there was a lot of temptations all around and I didn’t fail to reciprocate the favour.

I was in SSS (Senior Secondary School)1A, that was the very first class I entered as an SSS1 student in my school. There were a lot of good and bad people, I mostly encountered the bad ones.

There was a lot of pressure because it is believed that an average schoolgirl should have a boyfriend, you know, but I was someone who was focused and knew what I wanted. The girls would come and say,

“Hey Danny, I haven’t seen you with a boy in this school that you call your boyfriend”.

“You see I have three male friends and one of them is my boyfriend, the other is interested in you. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind checking him out”.

This was the suggestion of my classmates. I turned her down not because I didn’t want to feel among, but because I had an understanding of who I wanted to be.
I refuse to be influenced easily, you know. I have dominion, I take charge.

Here is something you should know, there is no one like you on this planet earth, and absolutely no one can be like you. If you’re not comfortable with your association, change it.

There are a lot of  people you can associate with, that resonates with who you are.

Don’t stay there because you want to feel among, doing things that aren’t you and does not represent your personality in the best way in the name of being trendy. Be your own special, you are a majority in the majority.

You are more, you are perfection itself. Don’t allow anyone tell you otherwise. You’re God’s favourite, act like that.

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