Wrinkles underneath my eyes
Like the old and elderly
Though I am young and Vibrant,
My Soul is Weak and Weary but i need Rest.

My Burden weighs down my heart
All I think about is the bad days just like you,
I have happy memories
Just like you, I have been blessed
I just can’t take my mind off the bad days

I focused on Negativity
Pouring my energy on sadness
My heart, broken
My mind weak

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I didn’t find peace until I found me
I looked beyond my trouble’s
The Lord has been good to me
Bad days don’t last forever but I dwelled in mine

I travelled through my thoughts to the past
Indeed I am blessed
I learnt not to dwell in my troubles
I learnt from my mistakes, I am better now

For I found rest in me
I found rest in positivity

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