This Time

There is a Time for everything in life, A time to be taken care of, A time to find yourself and a time to stand up for you believe in.

Whatever time it is in your life now, I want you to know “you cannot give up”.

I used the word “cannot” because failure is a stepping stone. It is one way you discovered that won’t pull through, so find other ways, keep pushing.

Childhood memories are the best, those times where you just had to be good for mum and Dad, but it was not smooth for us all. A lot of us went through the family drama, being hurt, less caring parents, and many of us still go around with the scars. I know a girl that wouldn’t get married because she thinks a man would not treat her well, the same wayi she watched her Dad treat her Mum, so many broken hearts.

Those days might not have been smooth, you might be hurt and trying to get by with life but your scars remind you every time.

It’s time to heal dear, your parents might have made wrong decisions but it’s time to make yours, you don’t want to go down the same part, you start with healing, let go of the past for the future is bright, you are amazing and your scars can never hold you back.

Your scars wedge inside you a superiority birth from the ashes that you’re going to be re-born with, as you journey to your wholeness. are light and the emergence of miracles with each breathtaking steps you make.

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