Guilty Pleasures

“Vanity upon vanity”, they say
I concur with immeasurable certainty.
Yearning for love amidst lust,
Poles apart from each other.
With pleasures unquenchable,
Yielding to its temptations.
Uncontrollable hunger with barest satisfaction,
Plunging me deeper into regrettable bliss.

A cry of mercy; my soul laments,
My spirit cringes with regrets,
Yet, my body acquainted do abominable things.
Within my strength; I strive to be a better me,
But all efforts go down the drain.
The fight, the struggle, and pains,
Giving no acceptance to admit defeat.

“Be still and see marvellous things” He said,
“I’m strong to your weakness; Joy to sorrows”,
“Laughter to gnashing: if only you let me lead.”
Worldly and heavenly treasures, your rewards,
Hearken to my voice of pleas,
That gives you eternal salvation
And no more shall you be,
Ensnared in the web of guilty pleasures.

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