The Moon

I gazed at the sky at night,

A night full of power
The power of the night is a mystery
No one discovers all of it.
No! No one
The night is full of such beautiful power.
And in the power, the glory shows off.

The moon
The light that shines in the dark
Showing his light so divine
Making the evening a better evening
I did stay under the shelter of the tree
To find out that the memories of my future came doubling in.
filled with confidence
All alone with my moon

It rules the dark
Because it was given power.
Do you know about it?
It dominates, for he has power!
So strong
Not even the stars match its divine beauty
I love the moon

With its gold nature
He looks at me,
Bringing the memories of loved ones to place.
The smile alone turns my evening.
Because it brings comfort
The children make round fire
Dancing around it.
The elders sit, under the moon
To give wisdom to who is profitable
They disclose mysteries,
We call it the moonlight tale.

If you leave me
I will go up to the moon
And give it a big hug
Thank you for making my evening
Dear precious moon.

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