The rate at which things happen in the world is unpredicted, prompting a diffusion in society. These occurrences have formed a question in the mind of man that needs answers for clarification. Concurring to the fact, most inevitable are life’s negativity. But, there are things that even the law of nature can’t govern or overrule, as it has a role that it must play in the affairs of men. And it’s termed “Inevitable of Life.”

No matter how uncertain the world or things seems to be, there are times at which uncertainties step aside for Certainty to play their roles, giving a balanced equation in our world.
The below is an eye-opener, that can’t be defeated no matter how hard we try; but embrace because it leaves no choice either.

1. Poverty and Riches abides in the world; no man is certainly wealthy, as all men will die empty

2. There is duplicate and original, but life has no duplicate.

3. War and peace exist in the world; our choices and decisions determine the coexistence of peace or war in the society or the world as a whole.

4. Beauty and Ugliness is the first impression by man; beauty fades with time, the only true beauties are a good heart and characters.

5. Injustice and Justice fights to dominate the earth; justice will always prevail no matter the delay.

6. There are literates and illiterates in society; it’s very certain that all men regardless of being educated or not as their philosophies of life. And intelligence can’t be bought.

7. Wisdom and Folly abounds in the heart of men; God’s wisdom makes the counsel of wise men foolish.
8. Bravery and Cowardice lives in the heart of men; brave men risk and perform extraordinary things to rule the world.

9. Happiness and Sadness is a feeling we experience, however, over-excitement and depression cause havoc to man.
10. Immoralities and moralities abound in society, and each plays a specific role in keeping a balanced world. Choose wisely

11. Success and Failure is certain; we learn from failure to be a success.
12. Generosity and Greed can be found in men; Not all generous act comes from a cheerful heart.

13. Good names and Bad names are natural societal phenomenon; And a good name is better than gold or silver, with a good legacy behind it.
14. There are love and hatred; the latter creates foes, but love conquers all.

15. Pessimism and Optimism are feelings; our mindset and determination control these feelings.
16. Creation and Destruction are certainly bound to happen, creating room for the other to play a role.
17. Racism and Tribalism rule the world but all men are equal in the sight of the CREATOR.
18. There are Life and Death; Everyone wants to live long and escape death but death is an inevitable certainty.

19. Heaven and Hell are real but our lifestyles, choices, and beliefs set the difference and make a choice for men.
20. God and Devil exist; Man has a free will to choose their Master according to his belief and doctrines, and face the consequences of their decision.

The above will help restructure the human mind and visualizes the certainties of life even when surrounded by uncertain ugliness. We shouldn’t give room to negativity in the world to cloud our visions, being certain is like a candle that lights up the darkest room.

Negativity can’t be overruled, the best way to avoid a helpless situation is getting adequate preparation for inadequacies.

Charles R. Swindoll quotes: “We cannot change our past. We can not change the fact that people act in a certain way. We can not change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.”

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