Overcoming Fear

Shielded by the unknown we scribble into ourselves staying in the shadows and convincing ourselves that it’s okay to be there.
     Fear means to be scared or afraid, it is also an unpleasant emotion caused by an actual or perceived danger.
      What does fear does to you?
   Fear makes you see impossibilities, it stops you from trying, stunts your growth, Fear prevents you from achieving your desire and what you are capable of.
       What can you do to control your fears?
       Stop feeding your fears.
        What do fears feed on?
     Fear feeds on your thoughts, it feeds on you, When you try to ignore your fear, it grows. When you face it, it shrinks.
      You can control your fears!
      Yes, you can but first, you have to understand that you can control your fears and you also have to be willing to face your fears.
      Self Confidence will help you overcome your fears, the change starts with your mindset, believe in yourself.
       You can also control your fears by surrounding yourself with people with positive mindsets who will push you to overcome your fears, the circle you keep is very important, move with people that will impact positively in your life.
        Lastly, there’s is no sure way to fail than to never try. Do not let fear kill your dreams before you even get moving.

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