I want to feel the warmth of your words
Their embrace telling me I’ll be fine.
Your face, promising me and your eyes agreeing
Never again would I have to face that,
Never again would anyone I loved, or I would love, face that.

Your silent whispers gathering Into screams and exclamation
Assuring me of your unconditional care.
Maybe I’m not a daddy’s girl,
Maybe I’m your girl after all
Maybe I’ve longed for you too much to even care

I want to be able to tell you everything
I want to be able to feel your kisses in my cheeks,
Your tear Stained face on mine.
For the horror you hopes I didn’t have to see,
My memories didn’t have to collect.

If we would had a chance to come back to this world, many of us would choose or not choose our mothers again and again. It doesn’t change the fact that there are certain reasons propelling their actions and also their thought process.
Many a time, we want our mothers to be our best friend. We wished she would sometimes see things from our perspective. We silently hoped she would understand why we didn’t follow some of her prescription, but above all we earnestly pray that she’d stay long enough to bask in the Euphoria of her dreams for us.

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