All the times you carried me
And I knew not
All the times you spoke into my nothingness,
I neglected.
The beauty of your words wrapped me and I failed to understand.
Even when you counseled
I rejected, sourcing another
Yet you stood by; helping increasing and enlarging.

This time my eyes would not shut at your awesomeness
It would not stop pouring
My mind would not fathom anything else.
Now I want to do your bidding, be your fool
Because all I have is from you
And I’m wanting only you
All those years you carried me
You taught my hands to reach
I’m nothing without you.


We often forget that we aren’t just loved by God, but also his grace carries us through situations of life. That’s why what we go through doesn’t define us, because we’re a walking miracle. You, are a walking miracle.

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