Today’s Reality

“And the light shines in darkness and the darkness does not comprehend it.”

Michelle Obama once said “Failure is a feeling, before it’s a manifestation”.When you picture yourself, your life, what do you see, what do you say to yourself.
Your value does not decrease based on someone’s Inability to see your worth. Tim Fargo once said if you want to improve your self worth stop giving other people the calculator.

To maintain a healthy self image,  there are three things we must consciously strive to resist when we find ourselves treading the path; looking down on yourself, allowing people to look down on you and looking down on others.

Nobody can make you feel bad or inferior without your consent. An Internal security would never portray an outward instability, because on the inside we struggle with acceptance and acknowledging where change and upgrade is required so we portray ourselves on the outside confused like our insides. Allowing others to judge us and tag us as they see fit.

Myles munroe once said; “most people dont know who they are so they die as someone else.” The most under-looked privileged of a lifetime is being who you are. Until you live a life that is truly yours, you have not lived but only existed. A lot of people live a larger part of their lives wanting to be someone else. Be you, everyone else is already taken.

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