Becoming More

Becoming More

He would watch me tilt my face up
Shakara he would call it
He had no clue, it was me
hiding from my fears.

child, he would say sometimes,
I never argued.
For now I want to be a child
Adored and cherished, loved and admonished
He sees a giant he would say
He sees something more
And I too shaking off the feeling
That there could be more, became nothing more.

But today is different you see,
Today I kiss the shackles of fear goodbye
Today I embrace courage and hope, daring fear as I stare In Its face
Today I dance like the wind, soaring and conquering where I wish.
Today I am becoming more.
I tell myself every day
Even on days it seems as though I’m forgetting, I remind myself.
My footsteps is different now
So is my speech, my carriage and my countenance.

So I ask myself, why not sooner,
This more I’m becoming.

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