Dangers Of Double-Dating 1

One of the most invoke happenings in relationship today is double dating, Because of double dating, love is losing valuable grounds, because of double dating people are afraid of falling in love.

Double dating really means cheating; the word cheating is so big and disgraceful, so a suitable social name was given to it “Double Dating”.
I personally call it a game of playing safe to save; Safe to save in the sense that, you want to keep both persons, because of what you will gain or what you are gaining from both of them.

Reasons for Double dating
There are always reasons and excuses for every bad thing we say or do, and one of them is double dating, you will hear statement like “they can’t put their eggs in one basket” but a wise man once said that “people are not basket and hearts are not eggs” why engage been in a relationship when you are unsure of what you have or feel for them, it a proof that you won’t be committed and you end up been selfish, cruel and no one deserves that kind of treatment, be it man or woman.

Relationship is all about or meant to be about love, trust and respect, but all these will be missing when double dating is in play. To be continued …

Nacho Elias Obi.

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