Finding Me


I want you to;
Send a search party to come look for me.
Let them scour in search of traces,
In search of bits and pieces that complete me,
Pieces that dust off my feet whenever I walk.

I want you to;
Raise a banner up high with my name in sparkles,
And let a marching band carry their torches.
But I remember how insignificant I am.
How much of a fading memory the colour of my name is on the canvas of your remembrance.

A lackluster taste on the edges of your tongue.
So maybe you can let me drown;
Watch my body submerge in a sea of burning oblivion.

But know the flimsy ashes of my skin will haunt your slumber,
Your dreams would remind you of the fierceness in my smile,
And the density of my shadow.
When you finally decide to search and ressurect me,
You will find me in the morning rustle of the rosebush,
In the soft tread of September’s rain.

I will be the breaks in your poetry;
The small crack in a blizzard.
And like a breathe of wind
Your hands will never hold me,
ever again.

┬ęSamuel Adeyemi

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