What is life?

Oxford dictionary defines life as a state of existence of a human being.

Life is short, wide and deep. It’s of different styles, history, experience, desires, time, attitude and character.

The world is heterogeneous with different ways of living. As human beings we can choose to live our life the way we want without restrictions, we can’t copy other people lifestyle, we only emulate the character that is worthy of emulation.

We should follow life easily whether good or bad and be thankful to God for the gift of life because when there is life, there is hope.

In life everyone needs a mentor, role model and guardian, who we can refer to as “HERO”. But the most important thing is choosing the right people as our Hero, because they tend to shape our life positively or negatively.

Most times we ask ourselves how do we choose our Hero’s. Before making or having someone as our guardian and role model, we should consider the lifestyle they exhibits, the words that comes out from their mouth, their relationship with God, their religious view, the way they see the community, and their dressing because we unknowingly follow their steps.

Our role models, mentor and guardian comes in different ways into our lives through the following, thereby seeing them from this perception:-

As teachers :– We don’t listen to them cause of their constant scoldings and corrections

Parents :- We refer to them as “old schools” depriving us from the funs of life and restricting us with rules and regulations all in the name of keeping the family’s integrity.

Pastors :- We see them as too religious for our likings, following and preaching the gospel as if they were Jesus Christ, condemning things and tagging them as “sin”.

Siblings/ friends/ relatives:- Most times we ignore their warnings and corrections believing they are too overprotective, over reacting and overbearing their seniority rights on us.

But no matter what, never loose your heroes without having any positive impact in your life.

Written by Chigbu Grace Ada

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