A Better Today

They sold to us many things and it shaped our reflections.

They told us different tales and it fashioned our thoughts.

They taught us many things and it made us who we are.

There’s a clause because amidst all these things were our lives and the reality we faced each day.

Some of us gave in to the negligence of becoming more and we settled for who they said we are.

Many of us try to wriggle ourselves out some succeed and some give up along the way.

Truth is, we cannot change what has happenedĀ  but we can change how it defines us. We can choose to handle our lives differently from now on.

We can choose to do better and be better. You don’t have to necessarily look for things outside you, grow your inner self and peace. So yes sometimes it might require us to walk this path alone, know that you’re never alone God walks these paths with you, he is always there.

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