The Broken Woman; Ego by Blossom Obi

Rushing back home from the market, Sharon almost ran into a moving car. All her thoughts were occupied with work that awaited her as soon as she got to the restaurant. She had retrench two of her sales girl at the restaurant leaving her with just one, in order to meet up with the bills in the house. Having her husband John loose his job for about three years now, and was unable to get another one.

Not too short for a male, Mr John Micheal was about 5.8ft tall with a slender shoulder that was firm and indicated that it had seen some workout days. he was dark skinned and walked with long stomping strides like the air around him belonged to him.
The Michael’s union was fruitful after sharon’s first miscarriage. They named catherine after Mr Micheal’s mother who had passed away shortly before her birth.

Cooking was like second nature to Sharon, she enjoyed it a great deal. For her it was like a journey of creating something different and new that could give so much savour and taste. turning her love fir cooking into a business, Sharon ran a very lucrative restaurant business that supported her home and now became the only means of livelihood for her family, since her husband had lost his job and was yet to locate another one. Her eye had more eye bags than it could take, making her appear older than her age, her bronze skin now looked like bright chocolate but she wasn’t disturbed much because she understood that it was a necessary evil.

The alarm clock, this time didn’t wake Sharon up, she had gotten home really late the previous night, showered and just went straight to bed.
”Sharon, Sharon” john called as he tapped, trying to wake his wife up. jumping up, Sharon asked for the time. ”Seven o’ clock” he replied.
Sharon quickly dashed for the bathroom, and in half an hour she was on her way out. Catherine was all dressed ready for school too but her lunch wasn’t. Her father was going to bring it later on, right now she had to go with her mom.

Later into the day after dropping off Catherine’s lunch, John decided to give Sharon a surprise visit, it was her birthday and he was certain she had forgotten. It was almost evening when John went to pick up Catherine from school, finally arriving at the restaurant, he had spent so much time looking for a gift.
Surprised Sharon dashed out to meet her husband as he hugged her sweat soaked body, she tried to hide her worry, that their daughter was just getting to her now, as she asked what was in the nylon her husband carried. He brought it out it was a dress, Sharon was so shocked as he wished her a happy birthday. They quickly went into the inner room of the restaurant, Sharon’s celebration was short leaved, as customers demanded her attention.

After a while, trying to close, her sales girl was doing the dishes and trying to pack and clean the place up. Sharon on the on the hand was trying to boil some meat to refrigerate for tomorrows cooking to hasten preparation.

Sharon asked her husband if he could help with packing up the dishes on the table, for split seconds he pretended like he didn’t hear her, so she said it again, this time a bit more louder. John walked up to where she was slapped her and then walked away.
Baffled Sharon wondered what she said that was wrong. she wiped the tears that had mixed with the the heat on her face and finished up at the restaurant took her daughter and went home. John wasn’t home, she noticed as she unlocked the doors a letter slipped out that read ”i’m at a Jame’s, would be back when I’ve got a job”.

Calmness and Rage
Many a times we feel under appreciated and other times, taken for granted. Our minds pulled together revolts with all the knowledge and morals we found growing up, are long gone. In the face of bewilderment, we must remember that our peace of mind is what matters the most and anything that threatens it doesn’t want out progression.


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