Like A child

Like A child 
Today I saw a little boy about five six year old, the smile in his face as he screamed on top of his voice to the airplane in the sky that was passing. It read nothing but innocence and zero worries marrying endless energy, because he continued screaming calling out to the air craft passing by as if they would hear him and stop.
His innocence didn’t accept how almost impossible it was for the people in the plane to see him, how much hear him. That didn’t stop him from screaming on the top of his lungs with continued energy and zeal.
Looking at him made me realize how we often forget to be like a child, always believing never doubting anything.
What can I say we’re grown and the reality of life tries to chokes our plans goals, and most times we just let it ride us, until we’re beaten without resolve.

Like the child in the story, he didn’t really care whether the aircraft could hear him or not, he just believed and that made him scream like his life depended on it as he waved.

Sometimes we need to bring out that child inside and just believe without doubting, regardless of what life throws at us, we keep screaming at the top of our lungs. Our minds conceiving only one thing, the pictures of where we want to be. Allowing it to drive us as we continue to scream relentlessly with renewed zeal and strength, until we’ve come to the end of everything we’ve seen in our hearts and conceived in our minds.


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