Something new

Something new 

Unable to describe how I’m feeling deep down I just know I want more.
Each day passes turning to weeks and weeks to months and I ask myself if this is all I’m going to do, if this is what I want.

Piece by piece, I’m endued afresh, birthed a new
My heart and mind unable to carry this new capacity.
Renewed strength and zeal encompasses me this times like never before.
My mind catches a glimpse of my foretold glory and I in eagerness walk towards it.
Unchangingly I’m wakened anew filled with untold strength.
My mind refusing any other energy but the one that drives me to light.

My whole body shakes with voltages of positivity awaiting to burst
I can’t really describe it but it’s close to perfection putting fire in every part that joins each bone, at least I’m certain of one thing, my flight is sure.


  1. A glance at the future Empowers or opens Reality unknown. My philosophy: The future holds much better and amazing promising possibilities than what we already know now. So Visualize – Prayerize- Actualize. Finally, in all your doings, the area your CONCENTRATE (the area you Focus – the area you pay attention to – ) prospers/grows/blossoms.

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