In a spherical fashion we move in different locations, our routes with each swift turn, clearer than the next.

Our minds picture where we used to be and where we are presently.

With excitement and bewilderment we brace ourselves for what is to come.

Unending hope married to our thoughts and dreams as each day passes by and we like an expectant mother battle with the reality of the pangs of pain that takes place before the birth of glory.

Too used to the swerve and curves at each turn, many get so comfortable building around the circle like they didn’t start out with zeal to move beyond.

Afraid and unafraid some climb out, even when their vehicle is swallowed up by the curves. Something more draws them, it calls to them and like a hungry child they run towards it without looking back.

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  1. Just like in a round about, life turns us this way. Scary gaze and wet rubbed palms I feel. Now, I keep focused at each fierce curves.

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