Carry on

Carry on

Like children with wa ts and needs we scribble on our mother’s skirt pulling and pointing at the next lollipop store, only this time, life is the skirt we see and we try to get what we can from life.

Striving towards our desires and dreams with many shattered hearts along the way who think it’s not worthwhile because at some point it all ends, they say.

Certainly everything comes to an end, just like the struggle we encounter to get to where we want to be it ends because we did not give in to faithlessness rather to hope and possibilities bringing us to where we belong.c

Persistent even in the face of challenges, our strengths sometimes failing us but we re-evaluate our minds and dreams and tell ourselves we are already here. We need to keep moving we need to keep pushing never giving up never looking back because success says yes only to the man who says yes to success.

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