Who we are

Who we are

Almost consumed by the fatal fear of what we hope our stories shouldn’t be, bound by the ashes of the old.
With uncertainty we stare at the new as it silently beckons on us, afraid and unafraid we move in its direction with almost as much readiness to go back to what we have known and what we’re used too.

Stories of inherited strength fill our minds causing us to move daringly in pursuit of what we want, our minds taking all the challenges simultaneously separating each with divisible solutions. So yes we might not come out courageous but it fills our veins giving our blood vitamins to produce.

Strength might fail us many a-times but rising up to shine has been inherent in our DNA from times past. Who we are is the warrior we often neglect, yet doesn’t back down, persistently move towards his action plans. Who we are is the warrior that needs awakening.

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