You stand with the crowd but your mind is your own
You tell the world of your dreams, and they tell you how unrealistic it is.
Unbelievingly steadfastly you hold in to the vivid picture your mind would do nothing but paint for you
With audacious clarity and zeal, you centre your speech and lifestyle analysis around this painting.
Many called you names for in those times they saw nothing in what you pictured.
Their mind failed only functioned beyond what they saw and felt, never wanting and expecting more.

He’s gone mad many would say and sometimes I believe myself to be
It is in abnormal functionality of are thoughts that we creativity of another dimension is birthed
Michael Angelo was mad enough to see a painting of David in his mind on a Marble stone many just carelessly passed and disregarded bu everyone. He took the marble home carved his thoughts out of the marble and till date many flow to see the his thoughts that had become reality till this very moment.
When Micheal was asked how he was able to create such a masterpiece he said he saw David on the marble and then he removed all that wasn’t David. Micheal Angelo is still today celebrated as one of the best sculptor of our time.

Every body’s defining moment is theirs and theirs alone let nobody talk you out of yours.
Your mind can take up so much possibilities if only you let it. Like the painting,  your dream is a masterpiece, but you must come to the realization of this and function in the mental frequency of each creative possibility of that which you see.
It’s okay, not everyone would embrace you or applaud you for the pictures or dreams your mind takes on, but regardless don’t give up be in pursuit of this. Many are scared to dream, hence they stay within the confinement of their small thinking. It is not that they have a small mind no, but they have chosen to box their thoughts within limited thinking, continuous worries about the possibilities or loss of failure, nobody gets anywhere living like that.

In turning your dreams to reality you must intentionally break out of the shackles of your mind, testing new waters of bigger dreams and the imagination of the unlimited possibilities in the power of your thoughts. Get excited walking in the waters of untamed possibilities and endless dreams and the antici6of the rewards for success and achievements.
Put up a conscious effort to stay away from negative thinking, because in this part of our world it feels like second nature but guess what your mind is your own and only you can choose to allow what goes in to thrive in there. Get Intentional about kicking negativity out.
Keep moving, towards that goal. Don’t back down and it’s okay because sometimes it might feel like nothing is happening but don’t lose hope keep doing the needful towards your dreams and goals. I see you conquer.


Success says yes! To the man who says yes! To success.

You begin the route of success by changing your thoughts, because everything in existence today was first in the mind before it turned Into reality. Dream bigger it doesn’t hurt your mind to enhance those pictures you already have in your mind, remember there’s so much endless possibilities in the waters of our mind that helps us become unstoppable.
Every successful man or woman you ever know are dreamers. They allow their minds to flow endlessly thinking of what is possible for them. It’s enough to just dream, you need to also examine the paths that leads to where you want to be. According to the correspondence laws whatever you see on the I side you would also Experience in the outside.
Travel into the future every chance you get see yourself accomplish those things you want, imagine how excited you’d be, let that excitement drive you towards a vivid and clear slate goals for how you hope to achieve all that you want.


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